While creating my jewelry collection “Andalusia” I was greatly inspired by such passionate and lively music as flamenco, which appeared in this Spanish area in the 15th century. Flamenco is a fusion of Gipsy music and heady eastern tunes of moors. At first, one might think that it’s a kind of folklore. But such understanding will be a bit superficial and inaccurate. Flamenco is more than music, song and dance. It’s a way of life, perception of the world. I got inspiration for creating each item of my jewelry collection in this very feeling of passion, sizzling love and icy despair at the same time.

The main idea of this collection is to create jewelry based on the play of Swarowski crystals and plexiglass. In some jewelry items they resist each other fighting for the dominant, while in others they make a strong union which leads to the creation of a new piece of jewelry not similar to the previous ones from the collection. These two different materials are not homogeneous neither by the shape nor by the range of colors in the same way as our feelings and our attitude. Cold and warm colors intertwine in the jewelry, creating new aesthetics.

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